# uni-button

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
color color Defines the main color of the button Eg. accent, primary null \| string 'accent'
disabled disabled Disables the button, preventing input boolean false
href href Make this button a link to href instead string \| undefined undefined
icon icon Display as an icon button boolean \| undefined undefined
loading loading Changes the button into a loading state boolean false
type type Type of the underlying button See https://github.com/yannickcr/eslint-plugin-react/blob/master/docs/rules/button-has-type.md One of 'button', 'submit', or 'reset' string 'button'
variant variant Sets the variant of the button One of 'solid' or 'border' "border" \| "solid" 'solid'

# CSS Custom Properties

Name Description
--uni-color Background color. Recommended to use a .uni-color-* class
--uni-color-contrast Text color

Built with StencilJS (opens new window)